Music Videos

We R 1 is a song written by Mo and Lori Pleasure. This song will become a feature in the We R 1 Voice initiative, giving local and global youth along with professional artists an opportunity to participate together in the professional recording of the song.

WR1Voice will be a place where we study Youtube and those who use it well

I-Am-Malala-Yousafazi-Music-Video (1)Today, Malala is perhaps the most compelling and daring example of  what we mean by Youth Voice. This music video called “I AmMalala” shows three young, undiscovered artists and more than 30 choir singers – all anonymous – singing lyrics including “I am Malala / I am infinite hope” and “Hard work and talent equals infinite growth / in school, a child and a teacher equals infinite hope,” literally and figuratively amplifying Malala’s voice.

Cry of the Refugees is a music video from Kenya that won the United Nations PLURAL Award for 2013 and it only has hundreds of views. Why so few views for such an important message and with the praise of the UN?

We are not the only ones asking these questions about promoting talent and getting noticed. The music industry itself is experiencing a crisis. So much talent, yet how does a young person today get discovered and then thrive? Lorde, a 17-year-old New Zealander who in less than a year went from uploading songs to SoundCloud in obscurity to a nine-week run at No. 1, swept the Grammys with the song of the year and best pop solo performance for “Royals.” Knowing what works and how to work online matters to our We R 1 Voice initiatives.

Whether you are a professional artist, helping a band produce its music, or a young person, group or charity with a message to get out, We R 1 Voice seeks to help you amplify your voice and your work.


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