Youth Advisory Council

Youth Advisory Council ChairSusanna Spiccia, The Green Room

AnonymousDaBand (Just Ice and Langston Michaels) (GA)

Erik Badel, WaterSign Media, Intern (GA)

Barnaba and here, (Elias Barnabas Inyasi) (Tanzania)

Andrew Choi, WaterSign Media Intern (GA)

Lorenzo Gari, Blanche Ely High School Band (saxaphone player) (FL)

Hip Hop Loves (NYC)

Kayla and Hally Jaeggi, The Humeleons (CT)

Anna Khandros, Peace Corps  (Morocco)

Musical Society of Nigeria 

Ezekiel Mwaja, Drummer (here playing with Mo Pleasure) (Kinondoni, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania)

NicaPhoto (Nicaragua)

N’Seya Scott, Brien McMahon High School (CT)

Tanzania House of Talent (and here)

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