Honorary Youth Council

Dirty Loops (Sweden)

Elena Risteska (Macedonia)

Celia Westbrook (USA)

Yunho (South Korea)

Each of the members of our Honorary Youth Council have one major thing in common, besides being phenomenal artists — they are each close friends of Mo Pleasure.

Like with the Advisory Council, Mo is inviting young artists he knows well to join us here to be examples and mentors to young people around the world who desire to Speak the Truth Passionately on the We R 1 Voice platform.


Dirty Loops

Dirty Loops is perhaps the best example of what we hope We R 1 Voice will achieve by using Youtube as its primary platform. This trio is actually known for being a “Youtube musicians.”

Here is one description of their success at (The) ABSOLUTE

Dirty Loops: “Hit Me”

Dirty Loops, a three-piece jazz fusion group, have been blowing my mind since I first saw their YouTube cover of Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” Over the past three years, the Swedish musicians have been making waves online with their crazy covers of current pop songs. They take the songs to their limits by changing up the chords, playing with the structure, and adding in some insane solos. They make the songs their own in ways that few YouTube musicians do, and it’s in no small part due to the fact that each of the three musicians are absolute virtuosos.

But now the group has finally released an original song. Stylistically and musically, it sounds just like one of their covers, but now the music is all theirs. And it doesn’t disappoint at all. “Hit Me” contains Jonah’s signature acrobatic vocals, Hendrik’s melodic six-string bass playing, and Aron’s erratic drumming. And they prove that they can do more than take someone’s melody and dress it up–they can write a catchy tune on their own.

Supposedly, this is the first glimpse at a full album of original material. And if that’s the case, the impending album is sure to be incredible.

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