Advisory Council

Executive Committee

Mo Pleasure, We R 1 Voice Founder & Chair (GA)

Tariqh Akoni, Chair of the Guitar Department at the L.A. Music Academy; Musical Director for artist, Josh Groban (CA)

Boh Cooper, Keyboardist

Matthew Dela Pola, Composer & Producer (Spain)

Marcel East, WaterSignMedia (CA)

Lena Khandros, Independent Artist Management (New York, NY)

Ilana Lorraine, Vocalist, Musician, Band (London, UK)

Lori Pleasure, WaterSign Media (GA)

Bobby Ricketts, Third WaveDar Jazz Event (Copenhagen)

Susanna Spiccia, The Green Room (GA)

Michael Thompson, Guitarist & SongwriterNative Son (NYC)

Music, Film & Entertainment Industries

Bill Ahearn, Tapeworks, CT School of Broadcasting (CT)

Collin Alexander, Actor, Singer (CA)

James Barber, Producer, LGarth Productions (GA)

Richard Beckford, Blanche Eli Marching Band and here (FL)

Mark Berman, Composer, Producer, Conductor; Assistant Music Director and Pianist for Bullets Over Broadway (NY, NY)

Michael Burns, Ph.D., Producer/Director, Documentary Films (India)

Mark Connell, Associate Director, IT Development at Coca-Cola Enterprises; President & CEO, NewSouth Interactive; CEO, VirtMedia (GA)

Alan Dones, Strategic Media InternationalSUDA (CA)

Crystal Emery, URU

Sonny Emory, Musician (GA)

Jorel Flynn, JFly Music, How Big Is Your Dream?! Foundation  (GA)

Corrine Gibbons, Discover Your Voice (Singapore)

Vana Gierig, VanaMusic, NUBLU (NYC)

Jim Healy, MASS-CONN-Fusion (MA)

Mike Hedden, President/CEO, Danley Sound Labs (GA)

Ben Holst, Musician, Producer & Engineer (GA)

Rene John-Sandy, Hip Hop Loves Foundation, and here (NYC)

Dennis Johnson, Songwriter, Arranger and Producer

Elaine Kwon, Concert Pianist, President of Savor Your Senses (NYC)

Fountaine Lewis, Photography (GA)

Diane Louie, Film, Video, Music (CA)

Tshaka Mayanga, The Jazz Safari (Uganda)

Angela Carr Patterson, Speaker, Author, Radio Host, Coach

Jeff Pevar, Pevar (and here) (OR)

Jimi Randolph, Keyboardist, Producer, Engineer, Composer (CA)

Idrus Rashid, Veda9 (Singapore)

John JR Robinson (Most Recorded Drummer in History), Native Son (NYC)

Sam Sims, One Hit Production and here (GA)

Mark Smulian, White  Flag Music and here

Morito Suzuki, Graphic Artist, Video/Film Director (CA)

Diran Tavitjan, Pianist & ComposerTavitjan Brothers (Macedonia)

Garo Tavitjan, DrummerParamecium ProductionTavitjan Brothers (Macedonoia)

Freddy V., FreddyVMusic (GA)

Rick Watford, Guitarist & Producer (GA)

Ragan Whiteside, Jazz Flutist, Vocalist, Songwriter

Academia & International Community

Armsted Christian, Professor, Berklee College of Music (MA)

The Rev. Dr. Anna Carter Florence, Columbia Theological Seminary (GA)

Dr. Yvonne Blanchard Freeman, CEO, Alliance for Global Education and Leadership

Lisa Beth Hill, Ph.D., Professor,  Tuskegee University (AL)

The Rev. and Mrs. Phil Kitchin, Clarkston International Bible Church (and here) (GA)

Dan Reinstein, MD, surgeonprofessoraccomplished musician (London)

Ellen Rowe, Professor and Chair of Jazz and Contemporary Improvisation, University of Michigan (MI)

Carol Wright, Writer, Piano Teacher (CT)

Social Media, IT & Marketing Communications

Judith L. Barbosa, Photography (CT)

Ryan Brady, Writer, Rapper, Videographer (CT)

Frank Funchess, iPhone, iPad and iPod Certification QA Engineer, Apple (CA)

Mark Gibson (CT)

Stacy Kenworthy, ApplianceWareOptiGlobal (CA & Taiwan)

Peter Lund, Travelport, Jazz i Malmo (Board Member),. PLGMedia (Sweden)

Lloyd Nilsen, Applied Multimedia (NYC)

Angela Carr Patterson, TakeTheVowToLove

Steve Soto, InnovaGears (GA)

Ed Tankus, President, Blue Plate Radio (CT)

Craig Wilson, Social Media, Filmmaker and Vlogger (CA)

Derek Worth, Apple Certified Trainer & Guitar Performance and Instruction, Tech Consultant at Watersign Media (GA)


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