Carver Foundation of Norwalk


With leadership from Mo Pleasure and his team, We R 1 Voice is Carver’s promising commitment to giving our youth the tools and support they need to make their voices heard.

Founded in 1938, named after the great American scientist, George Washington Carver, and named the “Nonprofit of the Year” by the Norwalk Chamber of Commerce, Carver is the largest provider of after-school programs for middle and high school students in Norwalk, CT.

Carver has long created powerful ways to engage young people in acquiring knowledge, to stimulate critical thinking skills, to inspire passionate interest in school subjects and social issues, to encourage active participation in civic life, and to provide young people with opportunities to express their thoughts, values, and emotions.

One of the most effective, enjoyable, and interesting ways to teach is to integrate lessons with music, art, and other disciplines that engage students cognitively and emotionally. Music provides students with important insights into the specific political, economic, and social conditions in a given historical era. By playing music or showing a music video, teachers can provide students with a vast array of images, sounds, symbols, and actions to analyze and discuss in ways that appeal to the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of young people. By combining serious academic work with pleasurable and intellectually challenging activities, teachers can improve student achievement and motivation, create involved citizens, and make a positive difference in students’ lives.

Carver and Mo Pleasure also recognize the scientific power of music and how our brains see music as language. For most of the Advisory Council members, jazz is as much a conversation as it is music.  We R 1 Voice and its many allies will be working on developing a new curriculum to teach STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering & math) through music. They are calling this initiative STEAM ( the A = arts).

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