About Us

We R 1 Voice is a project of the Carver Foundation of Norwalk founded by Mo Pleasure.  We R 1 Voice encourages young people, established artists, and charitable causes to collaborate on a number of Youth Voice projects, especially cause related music videos, designed to inspire awareness and build solidarity across and beyond the social web.

We R 1 Voice is an Advisory Council of leaders in the music and related industries who are here to help ignite creative confidence and channel the best of We R 1 Voice artwork into their respective spheres of influence. 

We R 1 Voice is a Youth Advisory Council of young people and organizations involving youth in leadership roles who are here to guide the development of the We R 1 Voice platform and to welcome their peers to join them in this global endeavor.

We R 1 Voice is a song that will establish an annual award to be presented to a world renowned music artist.


Join us in perfecting the art of getting noticed on Youtube. Whether you are a young street poet, RAP (rhythm and poetry) lyricist, vocal diva, dancer, beat maker or videographer, music videos about advocacy, tolerance, struggle, hope, resistance and agency can live beyond their place of origin when many people begin to see themselves in concert with each other through these performances. Help us help you gain a following. Be among the first here to show the way to others.

We R 1 Voice is for all young people, not just for those with a singing voice. It takes a Youth Voice team to create a music video – skilled musicians and those skilled in sound production and engineering, videography, writing/scripting, and social media. However much you think you have the skill to participate, your passion is what gets noticed.


We R 1 Voice is for a cause that seeks a song. Young people are welcome to use the We R 1 Voice platform to source support, ideas and exposure for music videos they create for the causes or charities to which they are committed. Charities likewise can use the We R 1 Voice platform to invite songs. One example is the One by One campaign.


We R 1 Voice is for successful artists who welcome young people supporting their projects.


We R 1 Voice broadens awareness of issues globally and locally. We R 1 Voice is evolving at the speed of the Internet and it moves to the rhythm of youth empowerment. Be a part of our growing online community and express yourself for the benefit of your community and world.

We R 1 Voice Presenting Sponsor

We R 1 Voice Presenting Sponsor

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