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Mo Pleasure

We R 1 Voice, founded by Morris “Mo” Pleasure, encourages young people, established artists, and charitable causes to collaborate on a number of Youth Voice projects designed to inspire awareness and build solidarity across and beyond the social web.

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Partnering with the Carver Foundation of Norwalk, We R 1 Voice joins leaders in the music industry with the power of social media to help youth leaders raise awareness and to compel action. We R 1 Voice seeks to build a platform designed to harness the passion and creative skills of young people to solve problems and to use advanced digital media tools and powerful storytelling techniques to amplify their voice. Here is news about Mo Pleasure receiving the Carver Foundation of Norwalk’s annual Child of America Award in 2014.

Mo tours the world working with various artists while conducting his own work with youth, primarily in the form of Masterclasses that include extensive Q&A sessions about the world of celebrity and music.

We R 1 Voice is an Advisory Council of leaders in the music and related industries who are here to help ignite creative confidence and channel the best of We R 1 Voice artwork into their respective spheres of influence.

We R 1 Voice is a Youth Advisory Council of young people and organizations involving youth in leadership roles who are here to guide the development of the We R 1 Voice platform and to welcome their peers to join them in this global endeavor.

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